Best Tipster Platforms - fancy your chances in the sports betting tipping service game?

Whether you want free or paid sports betting tips, or even if you've ever fancied having a go at tipping yourself, Tipstrr and similar verified betting tipster services can make it happen.... 

Tracked tipster betting services is a growing business
Rightly so, there has been a call for regulated tipping sites and as the sports betting and tipster industry grows we are seeing platforms such as Tipstrr pop up with advanced betting technology and automated tracking and verification. Tipstrr gets the gong on Pro Betting Tips. Diversifying your portfolio is important when sports betting and if you are not up to speed on certain sports these proofed diversified tipster services with in depth stats reporting can be an extra string to your bow. On Pro Betting Tips, as well as educational content, we promote various sites that will 100% help you move your level of betting up a notch - whether it be through software, matched betting, brokerage or tracking or tipster services - anything that we find that ups your game we will review. 

What are the best sports tipster services? 

There are a number of quality verified sports betting tipster services popping up and 3 in particular we like here at Pro Betting tips. I've already mentioned Tipstrr which a large part of this article is about and is an all encompassed tipster service and more, which we will talk about a bit further down. Smart Betting Club gets it's own full review and ranks 1 of the best tipster services online at the moment in the sports betting space....

Tipsters are a hot topic of conversion these days on the sports betting twittersphere: There are many spoofers out there looking to make a quick cash grab through affiliate deals promoting various  bookmakers but at the same time these clowns give the good guys a bad name. They are the ones who profit from your losses and should be avoided. I can vouch for many people in the tipster space re the work they put in and their talent, integrity and positive expected yield. The emerging platforms such as Tipstrr and Smart Betting Club are a great home and can weed out the messers and find the gems. With the more regulated tipster services now growing and usually run by guys with a bit of sports betting nous I can see it becoming much more accepted, or even regulated in the coming years. Content is really taking off right now in the space.

WHAT is the TIPSTRR service platform?

The tipster service platform is a community of tipsters and bettors coming together under a third party of experienced sports betting experts in the industry. These experts are the best at what they do and independently verify and track all stats, and take charge of the subscription fees. Tipstrr has all kinds of content and tools to add to your betting portfolio. I've been recording a portfolio of bets on Tipstrr as a private tipster and so far I'm very impressed with the detailed and automated tracking.

Included in the tipster platform tracking stats service is:

Times of advised bets recorded
Odds of advised bets and bookmaker and terms chosen
Yield of each tipster and profile page
breakdown of results into months and categories
ROI in various categories
Long term and short terms record
Flat stakes or advised staking plan
All top sports covered
Free, paid or private tipsters (follow or tip yourself)

Below is an example of what what a tip from a tipster on the platform looks like

As alluded to above, Tipstrr is a sports betting tipping platform where you can access free or paid tips from some top tipsters. All tips are verified and tracked. If you fancy your own chances as a tipster it's easy to sign up on the platform and give it a shot aswell. you can become a paid tipster after doing your apprenticeship as a free tipster if you have what it takes and are an expert in your niche sport.

various stats with different stakes bets recorded

Step by step guide to sign up for the Tipster platform

1. Go to the Tipstrr Platform and Scroll to the bottom of page 
2. Enter your email in the sign up now box
3. Create an account with the button in top right corner
4. Follow the best tipsters or create your own portfolio(s)

The tipstrr platform is 100% verified and free to sign up on, either as a tipster of to follow tipsters. We mentioned it's run by guys with strong sports betting background and experience. The pro tipsters there are all profitable longterm and it's one of just a few platforms of it's kind we would recommend. As well as the potential to make you some extra $ on the side and enjoy watching the sports with some skin in the game without doing the research yourself, these services can be great fun to follow expert tipsters and also as a starting point to possibly become one yourself if you've ever wondered how to get into the tipster game.

You can sign up as a tipster who is free to join and follow and do your apprenticeship so to speak if you think you have what it takes. There is a myriad of sportsbooks with advised staking, or see the flat staking record. Follow tipsters from all main sports and markets. Go to the Tipstrr platform and subscribe for free to their email at the bottom of the site for all relevant info and latest updates.

What is and how can I be a tipster? is a new competitor to enter the tipster service space. That part of it is only a fraction of what offer though. I'm particularly intrigued with the bet tracking software. This is where you can actually track your own bets spreadsheet style but is a more advanced tracking technology than excel. The betting odds and price comparison are also integrated extremely efficiently into the platform.

"Bet like a pro with our expert tips, predictions and odds comparison"

Again, this tipster service and betting software platform is run by guys with some sharp betting experience under their belts. Its an advanced website offering a number of products or services. They even run free to enter tipping competitions and mini leagues so if you'd like to test yourself as a tipster without the pressure of people following your bets in the beginning (and have the chance of winning a wad of cash while you're at it) this is the best tipster service for you.

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