Smart Betting Club: Independent Tipster Tracking Service

Smart Betting Club is probably the no.1 independent tipster tracking and verification betting site online. Diversify your betting portfolio with a directory of some of the best betting tipsters...

The smart betting club was a bright idea

Smart Betting club is run by Peter Ling who reached out in the earlier days to see if I wanted to possibly get on board. That's what brought SBC to my attention and I've kept an eye on the site over the past few years. Back then I'd already done my apprenticeship so to speak and wasn't really too keen on bringing a load of new signups to my tips service.

What does the Smart Betting Club tipster service do exactly?

Essentially it's a directory or who's who of smart sports tipsters in the space. Each tipster is verified and tracked, whether a free tipster or a premium rate betting tipster. I like the concept and it differs from Tipstrr in that the USP is an in-depth report on each individual tipster. They also offer up rewards at the end of each term for the best proffed tipsters from different sports and categories.

I am familiar with many of the names providing tipster services now on Smart Betting Club and can vouch for some of them. Podcasts are a new feature of the site where Peter, who knows a fair bit about the betting industry himself - and it's obviously a big passion of his - interviews as guests some of his tipsters and we can get a look inside their thought process and methodology. Together with the in depth stats reports and tracking I think this is a great add which can give the followers a more intimate feeling with their tipster, while the tipster can get his own thoughts and processes out there more in a more articulate way.

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Smart betting club is just the ticket
Smart betting club tipster service is just the ticket

What will smart betting club do for me?

If you are looking to improve your betting and expand your portfolio and also build up your contacts in the betting industry while you're at it, Smart Betting Club is a place you'll be interested in. Added to the fact that all the tipsters on the platform are already proofed and verified as to their long term ability it's easy to weigh up who you might want to get onside, whatever the sports are that you're most interested in betting. You get access to all stats and profit and loss records broken down for individual tipsters. The "Hall of Fame" feature is a directory of the best and long terms most profitable tipsters from various sports on the smart betting club

Peter and the lads are clear they have no self interest as they make their money through subscriptions. They are not funded by bookmakers sponsorship deals. They are also there to help with all matters gambling such as account restrictions and how to stay under bookmakers radars.

Below is a link to the Smart Betting Club 10% off membership offer. Pro betting tips is more of an educational portal rather than a place for tipping previews (although we will cover some big events) so we want to provide 2 or 3 options for the punter after this type of thing. We think Smart Betting Club is one of the better options with proven tipsters that can win longterm. Click to find out more...

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