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With the boom in betting, especially in the US States, along with data-driven markets taking over the gambling and sports worlds, we feel like there isn't enough high level sports betting educational content out there. We're here to change that. 

Pro betting tips informs the punter about what happens on the other side of the fence and will help educate on how to exploit this, using largely empirical evidence and outside the box thinking as well as the statistics and models. We'll have articles from ourselves and some of the industries top guys - from pro bettors, to head traders and CEOs. 

The site will also review and recommend advanced and beneficial sports betting products, services and value software that will help the punter in a quest for an edge versus the bookmaker. Don't get perturbed or overwhelmed by the inevitable influx of models and algorithms in the betting world, as long as we have these controlling the operation, we have a chance....contrary to expanding belief

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