The following are a list of url links directly to some of the best ports betting podcasts that we thoroughly enjoyed listening to. Information and sports betting insight on the podcasts is from some of the shrewdest in the sports betting industry on both sides of the fence. Copy and paste the vid and podcast urls into your browser to listen or watch....

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Tristan Merlehan CEO of TopSport.AU talks Olympics betting: (Olympics)

Industry insider Matthew Trenhaile talks some serious subjective angles:

Matthew Trenhaile is back on the podcast to talk price discovery and taking apart eSports, props, and derivatives in obscure betting markets: 

Pro bettor Anthony Kaminskas on exploiting the sports betting markets:  (Trademate Sports)

Johnny from Betstamp goes to the other side of the podcast fence: 

Rufus Peabody talks algorithms and models in golf betting:

Plannatechs' brilliant Adam Bjorn with some fascinating insights: 
Part 2:

Tom Brownlee finds +EV in golf betting:

Pro sports bettor Shane Sigsbee uses a high volume low margin top down approach:

Old Skool Las Vegas punter Alan "Dink" Denkenson shares some nuggets: 

Sports betting guru Matthew Trenhaile is back with more wisdom: 

Tristan Merlehan CEO of Topsport.AU is back giving the low down on his company - winners welcome:

Bet the process golf matchups with rob Pizzola and Rufus Peabody:

Big player Spanky gives some insight into his gambling operation and syndicate contacts in New Jersey and Vegas:

Prop bettor Porter on Circles Off:

Joonas Karrpinen - former bet365 senior trader and founder of Edge Alerter: (Trademate Sports)

Jeeve Jeyaratnam of Abelson Info on goalscorer odds compiling and finding value: (Trademate Sports)

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