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Learn to handicap the sports betting markets

Price sensitivity in sports betting is a concept that's becoming more prominent as betting grows and online offerings expand. Recreational bettors are more aware of odds and value. Many choose to up their game, and Pro Betting Tips is a good place to learn. Here are a few quick tips to start down a smarter more professional road...

Track your bets

Maybe the single most important piece of advice I could give you is to record all your bets to measure longer term performance in sports betting. Categorise them into different sports and markets to see where you might have an edge and where you are wasting your time and money. Things are changing all the time and it's important to know when you go on a losing run if it's just variance, or have the dynamics changed in the sport or market. The easiest way to uncover this is to have it there in the data.

The Importance of Line shopping 

Using an odds comparison site like Oddschecker is vital to know where the best price value is. Open multiple accounts so you can shop around and play sportsbooks against one another. By doing this and taking the best price or close to the best odds all the time you are essentially playing against a no vig line. This means you are betting against 100% true odds. If you're savvy in time you'll come to find markets where the disparity in prices between 2 or 3 different books is more than meaningful. Prop and derivative markets that are not easily checkable on oddschecker are good +EV markets to target. For example: English Premier League football prop betting markets.

Enhanced odds and odds boosts 

These are gimmicks to create action in the sportsbooks. They are usually based around a narrative to take advantage of punter recency bias. Limits will usually be low but that's not to say you won't find plenty of value if you're smart. In fact despite the limited stakes, these bets can often be very profitable and work the same as free bets.

Props, derivatives and obscure betting markets

As the saying goes: "the more money in the market the harder it is to beat".  If you're trying to win on the Premier League at close to kick off time, be aware the markets will be at their most efficient. Focus on prop, derivative and obscure markets in the "soft" high street books. These types of markets were referred to as muggy markets in some quarters but the truth is the higher the margin / overround, the less confident the prices. If you specialise in a niche area, these markets can be a gold mine. Be aware of limits and factoring of accounts.

Deposit bonuses and Free bets

Don't be slack in taking advantage of promotions like deposit bonuses, matched betting and free bets. Every small amount of EV combines to help build a bankroll..Some sportsbooks will offer big sign up deposit bonuses and risk free bets for you, while some have regular ongoing promotions and odds boosts to play. Sometimes these enhanced odds with move the line in your favour for a winning bet.

1 extra tip is to not be afraid of hitting multiples or parlays. Combine +EV or even some neutral EV bets into combination bets for a smaller risk / potential high reward payout. In Europe Yankees or Trixies are good options in specific markets but even the right acca can be a plus EV opportunity. In the US the round Robin or Teasers might take your fancy.

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